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report cover for identity vs. privacy: digital advertising in a cookieless world
Jan 24 2024

Identity vs. Privacy: Digital Advertising in a Cookieless World

See how advertisers are navigating third-party cookie deprecation, signal loss, and data privacy in this comprehensive report.
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A person in a crowded area full of too much signal
Feb 9 2024

How Advertisers are Adapting (or Not Adapting) to Signal Loss

A look at the most popular privacy-friendly advertising solutions among marketers today—and the challenges awaiting those who won't adapt to the cookieless future.
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Team of marketers working in an office
Apr 3 2024

How Advertisers Can Harness AI While Navigating its Risks

Here's how industry leaders can ensure their teams' forays into new AI-driven advertising tools are safeguarded against risk.
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How Advertisers Can Engage Younger Generations in a Rapidly Evolving Digital World

Advertising teams need to adapt quickly and thoughtfully to engage with Gen Z and millennials today while preparing to connect with Gen Alpha in the future.

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Climate Change and Sustainability Advertising: Tips, Dos, and Don’ts for Digital Marketers

With consumers increasingly looking to corporations for leadership on the climate crisis, the old methods of sustainable advertising aren’t good enough.

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2024 Holiday Shopping Trends Report

This research report has all the stats and insights you need to fine-tune your 2024 holiday advertising campaigns.

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Strategies for Retaining Top Marketing Talent Amidst Increasing Demands

To retain talent, agency leaders must understand why agency work has grown harder and find ways to ease these challenges.

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Burnout in Digital Advertising Demands Real Changes

Burnout leads to more than just a stressed-out staff: It has a very real, very negative business impact. Here's what marketing leaders can do to prevent it.

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Trends and Strategies for Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns in 2024

Make the most of the 2024 holiday advertising opportunity with these trends, forecasts, and expert insights.

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Three Ways Agency Leaders Can Build Trust with Their Clients

We explore how agency leaders can foster more trusting, fruitful, and longstanding partnerships with their clients.

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Innovations in Search and Social Advertising

Our media experts provide context and analyses on the latest search and social news in this monthly roundup.

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7 Marketing Challenges in the Travel Industry Today

From keeping up with new technologies to adapting to shifts in consumer behaviors, we explore the challenges facing travel marketers.

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