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A pointing hand identifies a trend for 2024.
Dec 13 2023

Future in Focus: 2024 Digital Advertising Trends

Basis Technologies' Noor Naseer breaks down the most important trends for digital advertisers to know for 2024.
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Automation Resources

The Future of Advertising Agencies: How Leaders Can Learn and Evolve

Five industry veterans share their insights on what agency leaders need to know about this moment, and how to lead towards positive change.

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Everything You Need to Know About Programmatic Guaranteed

What is programmatic guaranteed? How does it differ from other buying methods? And what benefits does it offer? Find out here.

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What can Higher Education Marketers Do About the Enrollment Cliff?

Learn what the college enrollment cliff is, and explore some strategies marketers can use to address the challenges it poses.

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Understanding the Basics of Bid Shading

We break down some of the lingo surrounding bid shading and explore how it’s applied in the digital advertising industry.

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How to Build the Right MarTech and AdTech Stack for Your Business

Basis experts share how to evaluate which advertising and marketing technologies will best complement your people.

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How Will AI Shape the Future of Digital Advertising?

AI is already proving to be a powerful disruptive force in the tech world. But how will it affect the digital advertising industry?

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A Skeptic’s Guide to Generative AI

For advertisers still unsure about AI, this one's for you. We cover the risks, ways to mitigate them, and strategies to experiment with this new tech.

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How Advertising Automation Can Help You Through the Identity Crisis (as Told by Taylor Swift)

Advertising automation is one of the most powerful solutions teams can use to navigate the identity crisis. Here, we break down what advertisers need to know.

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Automation vs AI in Digital Advertising

We unpack how the terms "automation" and "AI" differ and where they both fit into the marketing and advertising ecosystem.

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