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Oct 25 2022

Roundtable: Building Basis

Two of Basis Technologies’ Directors of Product Management share the big digital advertising problems their teams work to solve each day.
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Career Growth Resources

An Inside Look at Basis Technologies’ New Hire Orientation

What happens when we hire a new Beep? Read about one person's orientation plus their (spoiler: positive) takeaways on our company culture.

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Roundtable: Alternative Career Paths to Sales

Learn about four Basis employees with alternative paths to sales—it might just inspire you to make your next career move a daring one!

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How to Use Programmatic Advertising and Ad Buying Effectively In Higher Education: A Crash Course

The Ad Industry and Programmatic Advertising The digital ad industry has flocked to programmatic advertising in recent years. According to ...

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The Importance of Finding Mentorship in the Advertising Industry

Featuring quotes from AdTech industry veteran Matt Barash, we unravel why mentorship has an essential role in career development.

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Finding Mentorship in AdTech

ExchangeWire AdTech Personality of the Year Matt Barash chats with Noor Naseer about how to find well-suited mentors, how to make the most of the relationship, and reasons to become a mentor as you grow in your career.

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Now is the Time to Invest in Training and Education

In the context of the Great Resignation, companies would do well to set up robust training programs.

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Want a Successful, Fulfilled Team? Lead With Humility

These five humility-focused practices are sure to benefit leaders of all kinds.

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How to Thrive as a Programmatic Consultant

Helene Parker shares critical professional lessons to engage and retain clients, advice for anyone thinking of starting their own programmatic consultancy, and reflections on the upsides of leaving the traditional nine-to-five.

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Creating Inclusive Workplaces

As marketing and advertising professionals leave their current roles for companies that better serve a diverse array of needs, their ...

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