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Why complicate media buying with multiple point solutions? The ability to buy programmatic CTV, negotiate guaranteed direct page takeovers, or run a series of dynamic carousel ads on Facebook shouldn’t require multiple log-ins.
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Basis Has You Covered

No other platform offers the ability to plan and activate advertising across programmatic, direct, search, social, and connected TV.

Direct Automation

Leverage thousands of direct media outlets and sellers—from Hulu and Spotify to The New York Times and ESPN. Every major outlet is available and ready to negotiate.
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Reach audience segments on high-quality, brand-safe, premium inventory. Basis’ private marketplace (PMP) library offers exclusive inventory from over 2,000 premium publishers.
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Search & Social

Sync search and social accounts with Basis—from Facebook to LinkedIn, to YouTube, Microsoft, and Google. Basis’ major search and social partnerships automate and streamline the ability to visualize unified data as actionable insights.
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Channels & Formats

Explore new possibilities to set your brand apart—Basis has an eye on emerging channels and ad formats, such as digital OOH offerings, voice search, and augmented and virtual Reality (VR).

Identity Solutions

Know that we’re focused on respecting privacy at consumer and regulatory levels as we set customers up for success and drive scale in this new era of privacy and targeting.
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