Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups at Basis Technologies provide employees 
with awareness and community around shared interests, life experiences, 
identities, backgrounds, and allyship.

Join One, Join All

Basis Technologies champions are building a culture of
inclusiveness where uniqueness is powerful:
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Basis Beats

Our community for singing and music.

Bringing people together through a shared passion for music. We break down barriers between Basis departments, perform when it feels right, spread joy through song, and create a space for music in the workplace.
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Basis Parents

Our community for parents and caregivers

Connecting, supporting, and engaging our community of parents and caregivers. We create a space to share experiences and learn about the different resources and benefits to help us thrive.
icon of rainbow

Our community for LGBTQIA inclusion and allyship

Uniting and celebrating our LGBTQIA community. We foster an inclusive, open community and helps advocate for the advancing equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and allied people.
Black Excellence Icon
Black Excellence

Our community for Black employees.

Cultivating, supporting, and encouraging an inclusive culture for the Black/African descendants/African American community at Basis. We foster self-awareness and act as a resource for retention, recruitment, promotion, and development for Black employees.
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El Centro

Our community for Hispanic and Latinx employees.

Supporting the representation, advancement, and inclusion of Hispanic and Latinx employees at Basis. We utilize resources to create a safe and supportive space for all Latinx employees and allies.
icon of fork knife and world as a plate
Food For Thought

Our community for foodies and culture.

Exploring, celebrating, and educating about different cultures through the art of cuisine. We come together to share our experiences and backgrounds while tasting the food that means the most to us.
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The Honorists

Our community for celebrating diversity and inclusion.

Enhancing inclusivity at Basis and creating a more welcoming workplace for all by celebrating and educating around observances and holidays across cultures, faiths, and populations.
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Our community for those living with disabilities both seen and unseen.

Fostering connection, collaboration, and community for people living with and supporting those with disabilities as well as mental health.
women in tech icon
Women in Tech (Wit)

Our community for women in technology roles.

Working to advance and advocate for women in technology by providing opportunities to network, develop leadership skills, build community, and enable mentorship across Basis.
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Women of the Workplace (WoW)

Our community for women.

Creating a culture to support and empower all women to reach their fullest potential. Our goal is to educate all employees on the different challenges women face in the workplace, promote equality and inclusion, and foster open discussions at Basis.
icon of tree
Giving Tree

Give Back, Make an Impact.

Encouraging corporate social responsibility among all employees and promotes volunteerism with various organizations across all our local communities. Our goal is to partner with a diverse group of charities to drive positive change where we live and work.
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  • “All of us lead different lives, and it is easy to get lost in the day to day. The ERGs here have provided a way to build relationships with people I wouldn’t ordinarily cross paths with. They have also provided a place to just be, when the world around us makes it hard to do so.”
    — Kawandra D. Collins
  • “Before starting our Black Excellence ERG, it was difficult to navigate what showing up as my full “self” looked like in the workplace. There is so much power in sharing a space with individuals who understand the complexity of your identity. Our community now allows us to pour into each other and lean into a support system that inspires us to reach our highest potential in environments where we are often marginalized. Our ERG network is—without a doubt—one of my favorite aspects of working at Basis.”
    — Kaela Green
  • “We started Basis Beats because it brings us joy to sing and incorporate music into our everyday lives. It’s such a great way to get to know new people on different teams at Basis and share our passion for music”
    — Celia Dubroof
  • “As an ERG leader, it’s been a rewarding experience to help foster a community of unique individuals who share similar goals for our group and the company as a whole. Connecting with one another about our personal lives, work experiences, and the changes we want to make in our community creates a greater sense of understanding and care for team members who I would have never otherwise known because we work in disparate areas within the company.”
    — Marissa Enfield

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