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What Is Audio Advertising?

Digital audio advertising uses voices and sounds to generate emotion. It’s the personal experience that allows listeners to use their imagination; to visualize themselves engaging with the product or service and apply it to their lives. Audio advertising gives advertisers the ability to customize, resonate with unique audiences, and inspire brand engagement.


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eMarketer, 2022

Audio Ad Types

Audio advertising offers a way for users to consume media as
actively or passively as they please. Ads can be pure audio or can also have a
companion ad as an added visual.
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Audio advertising formats offer marketers engaged listeners and a high share of voice, because users are served only one, non-skippable ad at a time.
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Why Audio Advertising?

Audio ads help advertisers share their voice with audiences.
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Lift Purchase Intent

Create a deeper level of engagement by providing a personal audio experience that drives key advertising metrics.

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Reach a Unique Audience

Extend messaging to a growing audience of users that are highly focused on their selected content of choice, in-home, and on-the-go.

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Track Results Quickly

Analyze audio ad metrics daily and implement optimizations quickly and accurately.

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Decrease Cost & Time

Reach target audiences at less cost, with fewer resources and production time, compared to other media types.

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Enhance Brand Safety

Access quality inventory, non-skippable ads, and in-app listening to diminish fraudulent activity.

Programmatic Broadcast RAdio Advertising

Boost brand recognition and reach with broadcast radio campaigns in Basis—the first-ever DSP to enable programmatic buying of AM/FM radio ads!
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Radio Advertising With Basis

Radio Stations
US Markets
US Adult Population
  • “Digital audio ads are memorable and motivational—they drove 24% higher recall than display ads and were 2x as likely to lift purchase intent.”
    —Nielson Media Lab Study, 2019
  • “Two-thirds of the US population listens to digital audio.”
    — eMarketer, 2022
  • “222.7 million US consumers listen to digital audio.”
    — eMarketer, 2022


Bring digital audio into your team’s overall ad strategy seamlessly, with Basis Technologies. At Basis Technologies, we have the knowledge and experience of our Media Services Organization, backed by Basis—the industry’s most comprehensive and automated digital media platform. Audio advertising is always evolving and an intimate way to connect with audiences. Don’t miss out on this optimal avenue for awareness or response-oriented campaigns.
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