Mobile Advertising

Refine targeting with mobile advertising by Basis Technologies.

What is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile Advertising appears on mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets with wireless connections—it can look like SMS text message ads, banner ads, or videos that appear embedded on mobile websites, in-apps, or games. Highly targeted, mobile advertising allows advertisers to provide personalized content to their desired audience, based on individuals’ location, browsing, and buying habits.

Mobile Ad Formats

Utilize multiple mobile formats within Basis.
Rich Media

Comprised of in-feed ads, branded content ads, and content recommendation ads. Mobile native ad formats mimic the form, function, and feel of other mobile content.

ad of a woman in sunglasses and a shop now button

Rectangular ad units that can be static or animated. Mobile banner ads are typically displayed on the top or bottom of the screen, sticking to the screen for the duration of the user’s session.

image of a banner ad featuring a woman in sunglasses

Interactive, dynamic ads that engage with users in creative ways to generate high click-throughs and conversions.

rich media ad of a woman in sunglasses and clouds going by

Videos that play while a user opens or interacts with a mobile application. Mobile video ads offer a higher level of user engagement.

Full-screen placements between standard interactions in the user experience of a website, app, or game.

interstitial ad of a woman in sunglasses and a blue sky.

Audience Targeting TActics for Mobile Advertising

icon of target with arrow

Mobile Retargeting

Reach consumers effectively. Connect with a consumer who has visited your website or app and drive them to purchase.

icon of circle, square and triangle

Cross-Device Targeting

Find audiences across screens. Get a sense of cross-screen attribution and where customers are connecting with your brand/product.

icon of location marker

Mobile Location Targeting

Leverage location and site visit data. Use powerful location data to drive consumers to shop online and in-store.

Why Mobile Advertising?

The core differentiator is that advertisers can reach audiences in a space that is quite literally mobile (on their person) and travels with them to many different environments, in a way that other devices do not.

Mobile Advertising with Basis Technologies

At Basis Technologies, we have the knowledge and experience of our Media Services Organization, backed by Basis—the industry’s most comprehensive and automated digital media platform. In a world where smart phones are always on, mobile advertising is an intimate and versatile way to connect with audiences, wherever they are. Don’t miss out on this optimal avenue for your next campaign.

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