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Innovations in Search and Social Advertising

Our media experts provide context and analyses on the latest search and social news in this monthly roundup.

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Blog Posts

7 Marketing Challenges in the Travel Industry Today

From keeping up with new technologies to adapting to shifts in consumer behaviors, we explore the challenges facing travel marketers.

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The Future of Social and Environmental Advocacy in Advertising

Explore how advertisers can assess whether social and environmental advocacy makes sense for their brands, and how they can get it right.

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The APRA: What Advertisers Need to Know

If passed into law, the APRA would establish the first national data privacy framework in the US. How could this new legislation impact digital advertising?

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The Secret to Building a Successful Marketing Team

Explore why social and emotional skills like empathy and emotional intelligence form the foundation of a high performing team.

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Inefficiency in Advertising: Hidden Costs and Solutions

Inefficiency is a critical challenge for advertising agency leaders today. Learn how tackling it directly can position teams for long-term growth and success.

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Digital Advertising Regulation in 2024: What Marketers Need to Know

It’s been a busy year for digital advertising industry regulators. How will the latest legislation impact advertising and marketing professionals?

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Harnessing the True Value of Brand

By unifying brand and performance marketing efforts, marketers can maximize ROI and foster connections that last.

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How Automotive Marketers Can Capitalize on Pent-Up Consumer Demand

Learn what automotive advertisers can do to capitalize on pent-up consumer demand as the landscape stabilizes in 2024.

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Everything We Know About Generative AI Regulation in 2024

Regulations surrounding generative AI are evolving rapidly. Explore the latest laws and guidance, as well as their potential implications for digital advertising teams.

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