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Everything We Know About Generative AI Regulation in 2024

Regulations surrounding generative AI are evolving rapidly. Explore the latest laws and guidance, as well as their potential implications for digital advertising teams.

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Blog Posts

How Political Advertising Will Impact the Media Landscape in 2024

Explore how nonpolitical brands can make the most of their spend amidst high demand, localized inventory scarcity, and brand safety threats.

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How Advertising Leaders Can Engage and Retain Gen Z Talent

Learn how agency and brand leaders can adapt to Gen Z's distinct needs and foster a vibrant and inclusive work environment for all.

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Innovations in Search and Social Advertising

Our media experts provide context and analyses on the latest search and social news in this monthly roundup.

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What’s Old is New Again in Digital Advertising

As seismic shifts reshape the advertising industry, marketers are reinvesting in strategies that have stood the test of time.

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Google Hits Pause, Delays Third-Party Cookie Deprecation Yet Again

Here we go again: Google has officially announced that third-party cookie deprecation in Chrome will be delayed. Here's what that means for marketers.

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Possible 2024: The AI Revolution in Marketing Has Officially Begun

Take a look at some of the top marketing and advertising insights to come out of Possible 2024 in Miami Beach.

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Key Takeaways for Digital Advertisers From the IAB’s Public Policy & Legal Summit

Learn how advertisers can navigate today's complex regulatory landscape with insights from the IAB's Public Policy & Legal Summit.

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How Advertisers Can Harness AI While Navigating its Risks

Here's how industry leaders can ensure their teams' forays into new AI-driven advertising tools are safeguarded against risk.

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AI and the Future of Search Engine Marketing

Explore how AI may shape the future of search engine marketing, and what advertising leaders can do now to prepare for those changes.

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