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Jul 11 2024

Climate Change and Sustainability Advertising: Tips, Dos, and Don’ts for Digital Marketers

With consumers increasingly looking to corporations for leadership on the climate crisis, the old methods of sustainable advertising aren’t good enough.
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Programmatic Resources

Trends and Strategies for Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns in 2024

Make the most of the 2024 holiday advertising opportunity with these trends, forecasts, and expert insights.

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Digital Advertising Regulation in 2024: What Marketers Need to Know

It’s been a busy year for digital advertising industry regulators. How will the latest legislation impact advertising and marketing professionals?

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The Ultimate Guide to Political Advertising in 2024

Get all the latest and greatest tips, tactics, insights, and strategies that are key to ensuring a successful political advertising campaign in 2024.

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Identity vs. Privacy: Digital Advertising in a Cookieless World

See how advertisers are navigating third-party cookie deprecation, signal loss, and data privacy in this comprehensive report.

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2024 Programmatic Advertising Trends

To help digital advertisers stay ahead of the curve, we dig into key trends that will shape the programmatic landscape in 2024.

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6 Questions About Made-For-Advertising Websites

Curious about made MFA sites and their impact on digital advertising? This Q&A explores the growing concerns around MFA content, inventory, and ad spend.

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The Cookieless World: New Identity Solutions

With the end of third-party cookies on the horizon, here’s a look at how groups are working toward innovative identity solutions.

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Digital Advertising is Under the Spotlight. How Will the Industry React?

Lawsuits against Google and Amazon show that digital advertising can no longer live in the shadows, but must instead shine in the spotlight.

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Examining the Supply Side

Host Noor Naseer delves into the intricacies of supply path optimization (SPO) with Ian Trider, Basis Technologies' VP of Product (DSP).

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