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New Identity Solutions for a Cookieless World
Nov 8 2023

The Cookieless World: New Identity Solutions

With the end of third-party cookies on the horizon, here’s a look at how groups are working toward innovative identity solutions.
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Programmatic Resources

The Ultimate Guide to Political Advertising in 2024

Get all the latest and greatest tips, tactics, insights, and strategies that are key to ensuring a successful political advertising campaign in 2024.

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Digital Advertising is Under the Spotlight. How Will the Industry React?

Lawsuits against Google and Amazon show that digital advertising can no longer live in the shadows, but must instead shine in the spotlight.

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The Ultimate Guide to Direct Response Marketing

A deep dive into how digital marketers can utilize direct response marketing to drive conversions and increase brand loyalty.

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Everything You Need to Know About Programmatic Guaranteed

What is programmatic guaranteed? How does it differ from other buying methods? And what benefits does it offer? Find out here.

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School’s In: The New Rules for Successful Higher Education Marketing

Learn how higher ed marketers can mitigate enrollment declines and effectively market their virtual and online programs.

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Programmatic Advertising 101: Conversion Tracking

What is conversion tracking, how does it work, and how will it be impacted the loss of third-party cookies in Chrome? Find out here.

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What is the College Enrollment Cliff, and What Can Higher Education Marketers Do About It?

Learn what the college enrollment cliff is, and explore some strategies marketers can use to address the challenges it poses.

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Understanding the Basics of Bid Shading

We break down some of the lingo surrounding bid shading and explore how it’s applied in the digital advertising industry.

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Everything You Need to Know About Programmatic In-Housing

Explore the benefits and challenges of programmatic in-housing in all its forms, including hybrid, outsourcing or full in-housing.

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