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Effective Digital Advertising Without Third-Party Cookies

Create sustainable connections with consumers that power high-performing campaigns.

How can activate my first-party data with Basis?

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Basis converts your CRM data into first-party audience segments. Simply upload your records directly into our platform and start targeting your audience the same day.

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Ingest first-party data and custom segments to enable advanced retargeting strategies, lookalike modeling, behavior analysis, demographic targeting, and intent-driven tactics.

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Transform your first-party data into new segments using lookalike modeling, so you can reach new audiences with similar characteristics to your existing customers.


Basis Technologies offers a host of privacy-friendly tools and resources, delivering the performance and scale digital marketers need to thrive in this new era of advertising.

Media & Targeting
  • Contextual targeting:  Choose from over 2,000 contextual segments to target.
  • Private Marketplaces: Tap into premium inventory—access 1,400+ pre-negotiated PMP deals across multiple media channels. 
  • Programmatic Guaranteed: Ensure a minimum number of targeted impressions at a locked-in rate.
  • BasisTV+: Effectively target audiences on connected TV—advertising’s fastest-growing channel—without having to rely on third-party cookies.
Tracking & Optimization
  • Cookieless Conversions: Track post-click site conversions for privacy-friendly attribution. 
  • Audience Insights & Profiling: Get a complete view of your audience across seven key data categories—all in one dashboard. 
  • Machine Learning Optimization: AI-driven optimization that help improve performance without relying on cookies. 
Compatible Industry Solutions
Conversion Models:  Basis’ integration with Google Marketing Platform provides access to their conversion modeling, extrapolating conversion data from trackable sources. 

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