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Email is the fax of the 2000s.

Communicate progress, updates, optimizations, and reconciliations across teams, vendors, and clients, in real-time. Basis integrates external communications with internal messaging to foster better collaboration within media teams, whether they’re virtual or in-person.
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Basis enables media and marketing teams to connect,
collaborate, and perform while working apart.
A 2020 user survey reveals that 95% of users say
Basis improved their ability to work remotely.


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Increased Visibility

Workload allocation and transparency unite all teams and organizations.

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Transparent Messaging

Campaign-related messaging history mitigates disruptions during vacations or turnover.

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Real-time Updates

Automated message alerts save time by flagging campaigns in need of immediate attention.

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Billing Simplified

Streamlined communications improve accuracy during billing and reconciliation processes.

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    The communication tools and cloud-based application made it possible for me to hop on my tablet from Hawaii and assist my manager with buy adjustments while 1000+ miles away from home.”
    — Jenny Vanderbilt  |  Northwest Strategies
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    Despite the world crumbling around us, there have been no breaks in service or performance from Basis. On top of that our Account Team has been doubling down on support and even stepping in to help with optimizations.”
    —  Ryan Johnston  |  Sr. Digital Media Manager  |  WP Engine
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    We doubled the size of our digital team just as we had to close our offices for COVID, all the while getting flooded with a dramatic increase in client digital buys. Without Basis and the support team, this would have been impossible! We were able to get everyone trained while continuing to launch critical campaigns for our clients.”
    — Bill Redding  |  VP, Digital Strategy  |  The New Media Firm
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