Jul 30 2021
Dannalyn Prado

Basis Delivers 48% ROI for Brand Marketers

The agility, automation, and data transparency offered by Basis adds up to major cost saving for marketers.
The digital media ecosystem is full of complexity, and onboarding a new software solution that automates and consolidates digital media can be daunting. But it can also drive business outcomes.

In a new study we commissioned, we asked Forrester Consulting to independently quantify the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of in-housing with Basis to help enterprises decide if our technology is right for them.

Based on customer interviews, independent analyses, and financial modeling, Forrester estimates that a composite company using Basis could generate benefits that amount to a net present value of $5.4 million USD over 3 years, representing an estimated 48% ROI. The study is packed with insights on the value that enterprises are realizing with Basis. These benefits include:

  • FTE hours saved by automating processes
  • Increased data transparency
  • Agility, control, and flexibility of campaigns
  • Greater visibility and access to advertising inventory

One Digital Marketing Director in the Electronics field had this to say to Forrester about Basis:

“Our total advertising budget has increased because our executives have more faith in Centro. Access to Basis provides a lot more transparency to be able to judge whether our spending is cost-effective. We took a gamble by increasing our spend with them because we knew we’d be able to see those results. I’d probably say our investment has been twice as effective.”

To learn how the quantified and qualified Basis benefits can apply to you, read the report.

Disclaimer: The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of In-Housing with Basis is a July 2021 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Centro.