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A monthly learning series that covers vital industry changes and trends within the ad tech landscape.

Future in Focus: 2024 Digital Advertising Trends

Basis Technologies' Noor Naseer breaks down the most important trends for digital advertisers to know for 2024.

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Seizing the TikTok Advertising Opportunity

TikTok's Justin Liut joins us to discuss how marketers at companies of all sizes can leverage the platform effectively.

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Beyond the Ballot Box: Using Political Advertising Strategies to Connect with Consumers 

Here we explore the principles of successful political ad strategies and how they translate into the worlds of B2C and B2B.

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Digital Sea Change: 2023 Trends

Another new year, another set of trends to consider! Tune into this webinar to learn what they are and how best to capitalize on them.

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Stream On: A Media Buyer’s Guide to Advanced TV Advertising

Join this webinar to hear Beachfront’s Katie Long and our own Britni Gallello discuss how advertisers can succeed in advanced TV.

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Advertising Through Uncertainty: How Marketers Can Navigate Economic Downturn

Tune in to learn how economic uncertainty presents ripe opportunities for brands to build for the future and enter new markets.

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Programmatic Advertising: The Automation that's Dominating Digital

Join this webinar to learn all about the current state of programmatic and its place in the future of digital advertising.

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Prepare for Advertising in the Metaverse

How can brands prepare for advertising in the metaverse? Learn why augmented reality is a stepping stone that can elevate your campaigns.

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Empowering Responsible Advertising

Tune in to learn why marketers should care about misinformation online, and what tools they can use to ensure brand safety in their campaigns.

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2022 Trends: Our Frictionless Future

In our 2022 trends webinar, we highlight how a world averse to friction is reshaping tomorrow’s opportunities for marketers.

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