Wednesday, Aug 31st 2022
Ryan Manchee

Programmatic Advertising: The Automation that's Dominating Digital


Evelyn Mitchell

eMarketer Analyst, Insider Intelligence

Is programmatic advertising ready for its closeup? Programmatic—broadly defined as advertising that is transacted or fulfilled via automation—now makes up for over 90% of US digital display spending, and it is quickly extending into other channels like digital out-of-home and linear TV.

While programmatic has matured a great deal in the decade and a half since its debut, it has also become increasingly complex. New buying and bidding methods, new ways to target and ensure inventory quality, and new measurement and attribution solutions have all come onto the scene to form a highly fragmented landscape. Add to that the growing importance of privacy, mounting government scrutiny, the fluctuating future of identity, and brands and agencies that are seeking more control over their media buying and adtech stack, and programmatic is starting to look an awful lot like any other tumultuous teenager.

Tune in to this webinar to hear Evelyn Mitchell, eMarketer analyst at Insider Intelligence, and host Ryan Manchee assess the current state of programmatic and explore its place in the future of digital advertising.

You'll learn:

  • How programmatic ad spending breaks down by device, format, and transaction method
  • The most common questions advertisers want their adtech partners to answer
  • Major trends shaping the future of the programmatic marketplace

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Evelyn Mitchell

eMarketer Analyst, Insider Intelligence

Evelyn Mitchell is an eMarketer analyst at Insider Intelligence covering the US digital ad market, including spending trends, programmatic media buying, ad measurement and adtech. Previously, Evelyn worked agency-side in channel insights and media planning. She earned her MA in Mass Communication from the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at UNC-Chapel Hill, where she was one of a handful of recipients of the prestigious Roy H. Park fellowship.