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Jan 24 2024

Cookieless Advertising for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Marketers

Health and pharma marketing expert Katherine Mitton shares how health and pharma advertisers can adapt to signal loss and the cookieless future.
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Health & Pharma Resources

Understanding 5 Key Pharmaceutical Consumer Personas

Learn more about the needs of pharmaceutical customers, plus how to market to them with relevance in this competitive industry.

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2024 Trends for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Marketers

Mixed-funnel media strategies, leveraging historical performance, and marketing to HCPs will be key to campaign success in 2024.

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3 Questions with a Pharmaceutical Marketing Expert

A Basis expert explores some of the biggest opportunities in the pharmaceutical marketing landscape today.

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What’s Worse Than Misinformation in Healthcare Marketing? Doing Nothing When It Spreads.

For healthcare marketers, combatting misinformation online is a necessity. Here are strategies advertisers can use when it happens.

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Scout: TikTok Regulation Buzz, Measuring Transparency in Programmatic Advertising, and More in This Week’s Digest of Top Digital Marketing Content 

The IAB's multi-state privacy agreement and more feature in this week's digest of top digital marketing content.

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For Healthcare Marketers, Building Customer Relationships Is Crucial

Healthcare is both complex and personal. Here's how marketers can build relationships with consumers to deliver personalized ad experiences.

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2023 Trends for Healthcare Marketers

With the biggest theme in healthcare set to continue to be privacy, we dive into how that creates opportunities for marketers.

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Health Preventative Company Reaches New Brand Awareness Milestone

A story of how a preventative healthcare company utilized Basis to increase brand awareness among target audiences.

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Basis Technologies’ Next Level Private Marketplaces Empower Praxis to Reach New Audiences

Praxis needed to provide patient recruitment support for a clinical trial designed to treat Covid-19. They turned to Basis Technologies.

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