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A patient and a healthcare provider use a digital health tool.
Dec 1 2023

2024 Trends for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Marketers

Mixed-funnel media strategies, leveraging historical performance, and marketing to HCPs will be key to campaign success in 2024.
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Utilizing Natural Language Processing in the Health Insurance Industry

We explore why tools like natural language processing can give health insurers a clear edge over their competitors.

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#CentroInAction: A Digital Shot of Adrenaline For a National Healthcare Network

A national healthcare network, with over 80 hospitals and 110 urgent care clinics nationwide, needed to centralize its online efforts ...

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How programmatic firms deal with complex pharmaceutical laws

“A lot of [the targeting] is based on contextual targeting in lieu of audience data,” said Dan Raffe, director of ...

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Fortify Your Approach to Healthcare with a Hefty Dose of Digital

The healthcare industry is rapidly shifting – and not just in spending – but also in the method in which ...

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Digital Advertising for the New Age of Healthcare Insurance

Today, we stand at a pivotal time for the insurance industry. As the Affordable Care Act begins to take effect, 12 million Americans are expected to buy insurance through the healthcare exchanges in 2014. This will drive millions of dollars worth of transactions in a commoditized environment where price and brand play a huge role in the decision making process. Insurers understand that there are large challenges for their customers as well. Now is the time for insurance advertisers to instill confidence, trust and loyalty with consumers.

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Centro Ensures Marketing Success with Digital Advertising Solutions for Healthcare Insurers

Centro’s Experience Includes Partnerships with 100 Insurance Advertisers on 700+ Campaigns CHICAGO, IL – September 27, 2013 – Centro (, ...

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