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Seats in congress where legislators consider legislation on digital advertising regulation
May 28 2024

Digital Advertising Regulation in 2024: What Marketers Need to Know

It’s been a busy year for digital advertising industry regulators. How will the latest legislation impact advertising and marketing professionals?
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Retargeting Resources

Identity vs. Privacy: Digital Advertising in a Cookieless World

See how advertisers are navigating third-party cookie deprecation, signal loss, and data privacy in this comprehensive report.

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5 Simple Steps to Develop an Effective PPC Campaign Strategy

Need some help with your PPC strategy? Don’t worry: here's a free, easy framework and checklist to ensure your campaigns are effective.

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Digital Advertising Strategies to Win Your Customers' Hearts

It's Valentine’s Day, and there's no better time to show your customers how much you care. Here are a few strategies that will have your customers crushing on you like it’s night one of The Bachelor.

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How to Create Effective Retargeting Ads

How does ad retargeting work? And how can marketers effectively leverage retargeting in their campaigns? Learn more here.

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Increasing Revenue With AI

To improve revenue and increase sales, Popl adopted artificial intelligence for its dynamic retargeting campaigns. ROAS increased by 133%.​

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What is Retargeting and How Does it Work?

What is retargeting? Why is it so crucial? How can you retarget without cookies? Answers to all those questions, and more, here.

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Creating Personalized Customer Experiences with Advertising Automation

Explore how you can leverage advertising automation to create real connections with audiences by meeting them in their moment.

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Our Favorite Blog Posts from 2022

With 2023 fast approaching and 2022 slowly fading in the rearview, take a look back at some of our favorite blog posts of the year!

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2023 Trends for Automotive Marketers

For automotive marketers strategizing for a successful 2023, creating awareness of their EV story will be key. Learn why.

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