Feb 2023
Dannalyn Prado

Increasing Revenue With AI

To improve revenue and increase sales, Popl—the leading digital business card platform—adopted artificial intelligence for its dynamic retargeting campaigns. ROAS increased by 133%.​


Popl wanted to find a sustainable strategy that would support scaling both its B2C business and B2B product, Popl Teams, while efficiently improving revenue, product sales, and return on ad spend.​


Working with its growth marketing agency, Accelerated Digital Media, Popl improved its dynamic retargeting performance by:​

  • ​Transitioning away from manual budget updates to Basis' Group Budget Optimization (GBO) to enhance bidding efficiency and distribute budget across strongest-performing tactics. ​
  • ​Segmenting their visitor audience by recency, grouped as: 0-4 days, 5-9 days, 10-14 days, 15-19 days, and 20+ days. This helped them identify that their strongest performance came from the 0-9 days audience, allowing them to prioritize budgets even further.​


Through this new strategy, Popl saw how artificial intelligence could unlock a deeper understanding of their audience, which it leveraged to run more efficient targeting campaigns. The team achieved: ​

  • ​81% increase in revenue ​
  • 133% increase in ROAS ​
  • 35% increase in CTR​
  • 36% decrease in CPA ​
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