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Feb 13 2023

Increasing Revenue With AI

To improve revenue and increase sales, Popl adopted artificial intelligence for its dynamic retargeting campaigns. ROAS increased by 133%.​
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Retargeting Resources

Is FBX Creating Performance-Enhancing Products?

Since its release in 2012, there have been continuous industry updates and hype around Facebook Exchange (FBX), the site retargeting program introduced for Facebook ad inventory. Much of the early speculation and reports compared FBX performance against both Facebook and general display. Over time, product improvements and attribution functionality have influenced FBX’s valuation. As such, it is necessary for marketers and advertisers alike to understand how performance has evolved and is defined so as to adequately determine its value and impact on the advertising ecosystem.

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Maps, Apps and How You Can Target Both

In the wake of the iPhone 5 maps blunder, alternative mapping options have been all the craze; to the point that Apple CEO Tim Cook even suggested going elsewhere in the meantime.
One such suggestion is Waze, an Israel-based traffic and navigation app. Since Cook’s suggestion to use Waze, the app is adding 100,000 users daily. Waze isn’t taking this lightly, they are capitalizing on the opportunity.

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Creative Review: Hyper Local Messaging

I’ve lived in Chicago long enough to know just what a Cubs World Series win would mean for this town, and that makes this hyper localized ad even more poignant. You have to live here to get all the references, but each and every location cut to in this commercial has meaning for this city and its residents, and it’s not often that a brand effectively manages to pinpoint a small, specific group of folks and tug on their heart strings like this.

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