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May 29 2023

6 Marketing Challenges in the Travel Industry Today

From keeping up with new technologies to adapting to shifts in consumer behaviors, we outline six marketing challenges in the travel industry today.
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Travel & Tourism Resources

Creating Personalized Customer Experiences with Advertising Automation

Explore how you can leverage advertising automation to create real connections with audiences by meeting them in their moment.

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2023 Trends for Travel & Tourism Marketers

As travel regains altitude, we look at why industry marketers should prioritize paid search and invest in loyalty programs.

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Six Trends and Best Practices for Travel Marketers in 2022

We break down six current trends in the travel industry and explore how travel marketers can respond to them accordingly.

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Dashboard Reporting Best Practices for Travel Marketers

A selection of dashboard best practices travel marketers should follow to keep performance on the side of cutting edge.

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Digital Strategies for Outdoor Industry Marketers

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting strain on our collective mental health, it’s no surprise that outdoor recreation has become quite ...

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Travel Company Scales Video Advertising Success with Basis Technologies

A travel company tapped into Basis Technologies’ enterprise-grade algorithmic optimization capabilities to extend campaign reach. Learn more.

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Digital Strategies for Tourism and Travel Marketers

It’s been a historically rough year for the travel and tourism industry. Travel has experienced a greater decline in digital ...

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Breakthrough 2020: Transforming Travel

In the Breakthrough 2020 webinar series, Centro features clients who have gotten creative in times of uncertainty. Our guests share ...

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How Travel Marketers Can Begin to Recover From the Coronavirus Crisis

From increased targeting of local audiences to continued investment in brand awareness, we delve into how travel marketers can begin their coronavirus recovery.

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