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Jan 24 2024

Cookieless Advertising for Travel and Tourism Marketers

Travel and tourism marketing expert Nicole Stahlecker shares how travel and tourism advertisers can adapt to signal loss and the cookieless future.
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Travel & Tourism Resources

Breakthrough 2020: Transforming Travel

In the Breakthrough 2020 webinar series, Centro features clients who have gotten creative in times of uncertainty. Our guests share ...

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How Travel Marketers Can Begin to Recover From the Coronavirus Crisis

From increased targeting of local audiences to continued investment in brand awareness, we delve into how travel marketers can begin their coronavirus recovery.

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Travel and Tourism PPC Tactics | The Ultimate Guide

We explore the most powerful and effective ways for travel marketers to reach their target audiences through paid search advertising in 2020 and beyond.

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SEM Travel Trends that Marketers Can’t Ignore

In the world of modern travel, people are regularly - almost religiously - tapping into a maze of online media. Learn to leverage digital travel trends!

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The Big Bucks of Summer Spending: Travel and Back to School

In 2014, Americans spent an estimated $307 billion on travel. This figure seems lofty until you see the projected $337 ...

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Vacationers are Going Digital. Are You?

When it comes to summer vacation, some of us find adventurous road trips the most appealing, while others dream of ...

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#CentroInAction: Driving Consumer Awareness and Safety - One Ride at a Time

When you need a ride, wouldn’t you prefer a service that provides a timely, clean, and safe experience? Of course ...

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