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5 Simple Steps to Develop an Effective PPC Strategy
Nov 15 2023

5 Simple Steps to Develop an Effective PPC Campaign Strategy

Need some help with your PPC strategy? Don’t worry: here's a free, easy framework and checklist to ensure your campaigns are effective.
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Retargeting Resources

A Cohesive Digital Strategy Leads to an Impressive ROAS

A woman’s wellness company wanted an expert partner to help develop a strong digital media strategy—enter Basis Technologies.

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The Death of Third-Party Cookies: How We Got Here

Take a look at some of the privacy-focused steps that tech companies and government bodies have taken over the past several years, building up to the expected “death” of third-party cookies by 2022.

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Considering Cookie Loss & Privacy Law

In this episode, Pavón shares his views on consumer privacy laws and how advertisers should be planning for a cookieless future.

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How to Use Retargeting on Facebook and Instagram

Retargeting is such a powerful advertising tactic that you’ve probably already experienced it multiple times today. You’re scrolling through Instagram, ...

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Targeted Mobile Advertising Tactics

Mobile advertising is no longer just beneficial—it's imperative! Advertisers know that mobile ads are one of the most effective ways ...

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B2B Companies: Use Retargeting to Find New Clients

Retargeting need not be merely a tactic for B2C companies to reach consumers. Done right, it can be an incredibly ...

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The Future of Targeting: Contextual, Semantic, and Cookies

In this webinar, Mario Diez of Peer39 discusses the current state of the targeting market, as well as where it's headed in years to come.

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Leveraging Paid Search Insights to Optimize Other Advertising Channels

Here we present five areas of performance marketing where you can use paid search insights to execute more precise targeting.

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Waves of Change for Location Data

Location-based advertising has entered a new era. For years, advertisers focused on leveraging the most granular location data, often ignorant of how it was obtained. Today, however, the landscape has changed. 

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