Oct 20 2020
Clare McKinley

Targeted Mobile Advertising Tactics


Mobile advertising is no longer just beneficial—it's imperative!

Advertisers know that mobile ads are one of the most effective ways to reach consumers. Ranging from text, video, and banner ads, to interstitial and gamified ads, there are a variety of formats available for grabbing people’s attention.

One of the main benefits of mobile advertising is that it gives advertisers the ability to target audience segments. Advertisers can reach consumers in a place that travels with them to many different environments, using mobile capabilities like GPS that create a variety of options for targeting.

However, the mobile advertising space can be tricky—marketers need to progress beyond mobile clicks, conversions, and app installs data, in favor of more complex behaviors and KPIs in order to engage more effectively with customers.

Audience Targeting Tactics for Mobile Advertising

While there are a variety of ways to target mobile consumers, the tried-and-true tactics include:

  • Mobile Retargeting: Reach consumers effectively. Connect with a consumer who has visited your website or app and drive them to purchase.
  • Cross-Device Targeting: Find audiences across screens. Get a sense of cross-screen attribution and where customers are connecting with your brand/product.
  • Mobile Location Targeting: Leverage location and site visit data. Use powerful location data to drive consumers to shop online and in-store.

The Future of Mobile Advertising

As the first 5G networks ramp up, and privacy regulations become the new standard, mobile advertisers will need to remain agile in order to make the most of mobile advertising.

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