Wednesday, Sep 30th 2020
Ryan Manchee

The Future of Targeting: Contextual, Semantic, and Cookies


Mario Diez

CEO at Peer39

How can advertisers continue to target audience segments while planning for a privacy-friendly, cookie-free future? In this webinar, we discuss the current state of the targeting market, as well as where it's headed in years to come.

Mario Diez, CEO at Peer39, joins us to discuss the current tactics that are at risk, the rise of contextual and semantic technologies, strategies for transition, and more.

You'll learn:

  • What semantic and contextual technologies add to targeting
  • How to evaluate and replace current targeting tactics
  • Potential targeting landmines to avoid

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Get to know Our Experts

Mario Diez

CEO at Peer39

Mario Diez has centered his 20+ year career at the convergence of technology, media, marketing, and science. He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Peer39, a global semantic intelligence company that leads brands, agencies and publishers to understand the context, meaning, quality, and sentiment of the digital environments they advertise in.