Sep 2021
Basis Technologies

Basis Technologies’ Next Level Private Marketplaces Empower Praxis to Reach New Audiences


Praxis provided patient recruitment support for a clinical trial to treat Covid-19. They asked their CSM and Basis Technologies’ Managed Services team for help with strategy, set-up, and optimizations. With assistance from their CSM, it was easy to access Hulu’s premier inventory. Basis’ Platform Deals helped them explore inventory they wouldn’t have otherwise considered.


Generate awareness about the trial to enroll participants; reach a wide audience at an optimal CPM.


The eligibility criteria, and time-window to participate in the study are very stringent.


  • 24M pre-roll impressions
  • 12M CTV impressions
  • 92% CTV VCR
  • 0.19% Video CTR


Courtney Walczak, Media Planner & Buyer, Praxis

"By using Algorithmic Optimization, there were fewer manual optimizations involved, which allowed for more time to work on analyzing performance."


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