Jun 10 2020
Basis Technologies

How Media Teams Work Effectively While Remote


Working remotely does not necessarily mean you have to lose productivity or team collaboration.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, Centro employees, along with thousands of our software users, and so many others, were thrown for a loop and day-to-day business operations were turned upside down.

As a result, we have all found ourselves navigating new ways of working—colleague and customer partnerships became virtual overnight, and video calls, no longer an exception, but a norm.

For us in the advertising industry, this meant that the typical weekly status meetings, usually held in conference rooms across the country, or team catch-ups over coffee, were now no longer possible. However, all is not lost! Access to the right tools and resources to streamline workflow and facilitate cross-team collaboration can help your team stay effective while working remotely.

Basis, Centro’s software to automate and consolidate digital operations across programmatic, direct, search and social, was built with collaboration and efficiency as key tenets. Over the past few months, we have experienced the benefit of utilizing Basis first-hand, within our own 300-person, geographically dispersed services team, and have witnessed the positive impact first-hand. We also surveyed our customers in late March, and 95% of them said Basis “has improved their ability to work remotely” with 49% stating it “has significantly improved their ability to work remotely.”

No office? No problem!

There are numerous tools within Basis to streamline communication and workflow, making it notably easier to run to an agency and manage disparate media teams, no matter where you are.

Collaboration Center

The primary junction for all negotiations and communications within Basis, this tool keeps internal and external correspondence organized in one place. It’s a powerful resource, critical to maintaining and organizing planning and campaign information, including current and past messages. The Collaboration Center makes it easy to catch-up quickly and avoid miscommunication between teams, all while saving time. Click here to watch a demo.

Basis Dashboard

Basis helps users optimize and prioritize their work. The dashboard makes it easy to highlight client and campaign activities by directing the user’s attention to proposals, insertion orders, line item pacing, campaign KPIs, and comments from partners and clients, and so much more. Click here to watch a demo.

Notes and Comments

Basis makes collaboration actionable and timely through the comments and notes feature. Users can create comments and notes for themselves or team members within the platform. This time-saving functionality directs individuals’ attention to comments specifically relevant to them for each campaign. Click here to watch a demo.


Basis offers helpful and time-saving optimization recommendations. Algorithmic optimization evaluates historical performance of inventory and will adjust bids accordingly based on that performance. Machine learning optimization analyzes multiple targeting parameters and finds the combination of factors with a high probability of achieving the campaign KPIs. Click here to watch a demo.

Budget Adjustments

Basis enables a holistic view of all digital campaigns, making it easy to identify opportunities to adjust ad spending across campaigns and specific channels. As campaign performance unfolds, shifting budgets to maximize performance against KPIs has never been easier. Click here to watch a demo.

New Tools to Come

And there’s more. Users asked—and we listened. We heard our users’ feedback about what could help them the most—and as a result, we re-prioritized our product roadmap to develop something unique to help our customers manage their media operations workflow while working remotely. Details are coming soon, so stay tuned, and check our social handles for updates.

When thousands of Basis users go remote, we meet them where they are. Working remotely doesn’t mean you have to work harder—work smarter, with Basis. Increase your productivity and team collaboration today! Learn more here.