The Digital Audio Advertising Guide: A Channel That Can’t Be Beat

Digital audio is everywhere: from the podcasts we download for our morning commute, to the tunes we blast at the gym, to the live radio programs we stream while doing the dishes. For marketers, the channel provides an opportunity to connect with consumers when and where they’re listening—and to foster meaningful, personal connections in these moments. 

Until now, digital audio’s power has been largely underutilized by advertisers. But the tides are turning, and with people spending more and more time with digital audio, a wave of audio ad spend is cresting on the horizon. 

In this guide, we explore how savvy marketers can embrace this unique opportunity to connect with consumers. We analyze the latest trends, insights, and research to help advertisers harness the power of audio in their campaigns.

In this guide, you’ll learn: 

  • Who is listening to digital audio and where they’re tuning in
  • Digital audio advertising best practices and strategies
  • The benefits of programmatic digital audio advertising
  • How Basis can help you reach your audiences using audio

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Audio guide cover with a microphone

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