Aug 6 2021
Basis Technologies

Don’t Forget to Breathe: Reframe Community Group


This is the fourth in an 11-part series of blog posts that focus on Centro’s corporate guiding principles, and how those values show up in the workplace and in the lives of our people.

Recently, gold medal Olympian Simone Biles made headlines for her decision to withdraw from the Olympic games. Simone took the initiative to put herself and her mental health first before anything.

To reach greatness, everyone must take some time out to breathe. At Centro, our Reframe community group provides a safe space to rethink how we understand mental health conditions and discuss practices to manage them.

The Reframe mission statement goes hand in hand with one of Centro’s core principles, “breathe:”

“We work hard to build amazing products and achieve victory; however, we also recognize the importance of keeping life in perspective. Taking moments of stillness and breath allow us to consistently find peace and joy along the journey, as it’s an invaluable component to sustainable and lasting success.”

Reframe’s leaders, Kasia Sosin and Cody McGuire, host regular discussions to share experiences and speak to the ways in which culture and society impact how we view mental health.

“When a lot of people hear about mental health, they think depression, which isn’t always the case. Depression is a part of it, but there are other topics, such as anxiety, stress, and mindfulness. Reframe is meant to be a safe space to come and hear what other people are going through,” McGuire says.

According to Sosin, “another goal of Reframe is to break mental health into four quadrants: financial, physical, mental, and holiday (as company-wide holidays can feel different for everyone), and have a topic of wellness for each one. We also want to work to destigmatize mental health in the workplace.”

According to the CDC, poor mental health and stress can impact an employee’s performance, productivity, engagement, and communication with coworkers. Taking some time out of your day to just breathe can make all the difference for your quality of life.

In the future, Reframe plans to continue educating Centrons about mental health and mental health in the workplace.

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