Sep 7 2022
Eric Nelson

An Inside Look at Basis Technologies’ New Hire Orientation


Recently, Basis Technologies held its first in-person New Hire Orientation since March 2020. We’ll be providing new hires with the option of attending their orientations either virtually or in-person from now on. To celebrate the occasion (and to get an inside look at Basis NHO!) we asked one our newest Beeps—Eric Nelson—to share his experience.

(Oh yeah, and if you’re interested in joining the team, be sure to check out our Careers page!)

What I Learned at New Hire Orientation

Upon my start at Basis Technologies, I was invited to our New Hire Orientation, where 13 of the company’s newest hires descended on our Chicago headquarters to participate in a three-day journey through the purpose, people, and power of our organization.

The agenda was exciting, and the structure was clear: We’d learn the “why” behind the company on Day 1, explore the “how” on Day 2, and dig deep into the “what” on Day 3 (very Simon Sinek.) The event’s organizers—members of our amazing Talent and Development team—introduced and reinforced major points through videos, demos, guest speakers, and fun team activities. The structure provided an immersive, engaging onboarding experience that all baker’s dozen of us agreed was the best in which we’d ever taken part.

This illustrated, to me, Basis’ attention to detail, its care for its users, and its mission to do the most comprehensive work possible to achieve prime satisfaction. I left Chicago smarter and clearer about our roles and goals at Basis Technologies, armed with information and driven by inspiration.

Here are my four biggest takeaways from New Hire Orientation:

Takeaway #1: Our culture is second to none.

From the top of the company to the newest hire, we believe we do our best work when we are our best selves. Our culture is impressively people-first, and it shows in our benefits and perks, but also in the way we speak to each other—with reverence and respect, enthusiasm and empathy.

Sure, our schedules are enviably flexible. Yes, our sabbaticals and parental leave let us prioritize ourselves and our families. And wow, do we have access to multiple mental health services, including the chance to just take a day off when you need to clear your head. But this goes beyond checkmarks on a modern recruiter’s “to-do list.” Leadership offers these benefits because they want to—not because they feel like they have to. To paraphrase one famed television drama: When our minds are clear and our hearts are full, we can’t lose.

Takeaway #2: We’re constantly improving…

Digital advertising cannot have—and can never have—a “set it and forget it” mindset. We’re always looking to improve our products, our processes, and our people. That might mean ideating and prioritizing new features based on client feedback, removing redundant steps to get those features in our clients’ hands faster, or ongoing professional development for our sales, service, product, and marketing teams. Some call it “kaizen,” some call it “continuous improvement,” but for us, it just comes with the territory.

Takeaway #3: …Because we want to create Raving Fans.

In the end, we want our users to be happy. Actually, we want them to be more than happy. We want the people—the agencies, brands, media buyers, ad ops, accounting, VPs, C-suite execs—who experience our product and services to be Raving Fans of Basis. We want every interaction to be positive if not uplifting, productive if not prolific. We want marketers to realize success in their ad campaigns, to learn from our educational content, and to feel like their brands and their budgets are safe in our hands. Satisfying our customers—creating Raving Fans—is truly embedded in the fabric of our organization.

Takeaway #4: 2023 is going to be big.

We got a sneak peek at some of the capabilities our product team is working on for next year, and they’re impressive. I wish I could go into more specifics here (sadly, I have been sworn to secrecy) but we have some real game changers in the pipeline—features that will turn our already powerful omnichannel platform into a superpower. And it’s all happening in response to our clients’ needs, with the goal of making them more productive, efficient, and beyond satisfied.

To put it as Simon Sinek might: With everything we do, we believe in the success of people. We invest in our infrastructure, we provide value to our clients, we take great care of our people, and we always have an eye on the horizon. It just so happens we’re in the adtech game.

And I, for one, am ready to play.

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