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Ad Fraud Prevention

Avoid fraud and showcase your ads in brand-safe environments.

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How Basis Prevents Ad Fraud

Through a combination of AI-powered automated technology and human monitoring, Basis conducts rigorous inventory cleansing to remove fraudulent or questionable traffic—so your ads reach the right people (and not bots).
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Assess measurement tags and supplemental data from major anti-fraud vendors, including crawling of ads.txt files and data analysis.

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Pre-bid Blocking Sources

Utilize IAB/ABC Spiders & Bots User Agent Lists, Pixalate lists, proprietary data sets, and more, as part of ongoing monitoring efforts.


Ad fraud is the practice of serving digital ads that are misleading or have no chance of being viewed by human users. Bot traffic and click fraud skew KPIs, undermine the open digital ecosystem, and lead to wasted ad spend—and we won’t stand for it.


As a values-driven organization, we know how important it is to ensure your ads run in a brand suitable environment. Our industry-leading brand safety tools and practices keep your ads from appearing in contexts that don’t align with your standards.
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Adding strategic brand protection layers and filters ahead of campaign launches for ad delivery near desirable content.

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Analyzing campaign reports and applying a block list of sites or apps that are deemed damaging to your brand.

Leading Brand Safety Partners

Safeguard Your Brand
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Basis lets you leverage third-party brand safety segments from partners like Comscore, Doubleverify, Oracle, and Peer39. Exclude sensitive content and increase quality inventory with viewability standards, ad count on page, language, and more.

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Avoid fraud and showcase your ads in brand-safe environments with Basis.
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