Jan 19 2022
Clare McKinley

Advertise Ethically with Basis


Ad fraud, low-quality content, and misinformation have coalesced to form one of the biggest problems in programmatic advertising.  

Programmatic empowers marketers to buy media at a scale unimaginable in the early days of internet advertising. As a result of programmatic’s automation, marketers have more time to spend on strategy, rather than evaluating each site their campaigns play out on. Unfortunately, this also opens brands up to the possibility of running their media on fake sites, sites with low-quality content, or sites that proliferate misinformation—and even hate speech.  

It’s clear that programmatic advertising needs to evolve in order to support a more responsible internet. To mitigate these problems for our clients, Basis has partnered with NOBL, the world's first ethical programmatic advertising solution. 

NOBL allows brands to align their values with their programmatic media buys, target high-quality content, avoid funding hate and disinformation, and get better results. 

How does it work? NOBL continually scans the internet looking for high-quality content. Each page is individually evaluated and scored by NOBL's natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. Those pages that score above the minimum credibility threshold are made available, while the rest are avoided. 

By choosing NOBL, marketers can target high-quality content and credible websites. Layering NOBL on top of any other targeting ensures that ads are shown to target audiences on pages they are more likely to trust. 

Basis is proud to partner with NOBL for the following benefits it offers our clients: 

  • Brand purpose meets media placement: Consumers don’t just care about what you say—they care about the content you’re supporting. As a result, the price of careless media placements has never been higher. By targeting credible, trustworthy content, advertisers get significantly better engagement, and credit from their customers for advertising responsibly.
  • Privacy compliance: NOBL AI analyzes the linguistic properties of a page, not the personal data of users. It targets quality content that real people read, without using intrusive consumer data. 
  • Cost-efficiency: At the time of bid, NOBL decides whether a page should show your ad or not, so you only pay for credible media placements. 
  • Transparency: NOBL shows exactly where ads land, ensuring transparency for marketers and brands.

Curious to learn more? Connect with us to learn about Basis Technologies’ vision of automation and intelligence for the marketing industry.