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Attract your audience with display advertising by Basis Technologies.

What Is Display Advertising?

Digital display ads are banner or rich media ads with text, images, HTML5, video, or audio, that appear in defined areas of a website or social media platform. More impactful display leverages video, high resolution images, and a variety of rich media to catch the attention of viewers, encourage them to click-through to a landing page and take action.

Types of Digital Display Advertising

Digital display ads or banner ads come in a multitude of sizes, depending on which website or device the ad is running across.
Ocean Island Resorts standard banner
Standard Banner
Ocean Island Resorts logoAnimated banner showing a pool at a resort
Rich Media
Native banner showing a pool at a resort
Standard Sizes: 300×250, 336×280, 728×90, 300×600
Formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML5
Lines connecting each symbol

Targeting Display Advertising

Reach your Audience
Programmatic puts a display ad in front of the right audience by targeting placement, interest, context or topics in real-time, making ads more relevant to audiences. Targeting is dependent on the buying mechanism.

Programmatic Display Advertising

There are multiple ways to buy digital display ads. Publisher Direct, bought via insertion order, is booked, guaranteed inventory. Another option is to buy programmatically, via DSP—this can be guaranteed or not, depending on how the buy is executed.

Common Ways to Buy Programmatically

Insertion Order
Contracts between media buyers and inventory sellers that guarantee inventory and contain valuable information such as rates, conditions and payment terms.
Open Marketplace
Accessing inventory on the open exchanges allows for scale in a non-guaranteed environment.
Private Marketplace (PMP), Evergreen Deal
Gives access to specific inventory or a certain publisher through an always-on deal.
Private Marketplace (PMP), Preferred Deal
Gives buyers access to priority inventory; bought with a deal ID, it’s typically negotiated with a publisher directly.

Display Advertising with Basis

In a rich media world where information moves faster, louder, and brighter than ever before—you need a strong display advertising strategy. Basis Technologies’ experts are here to help.


Basis Technologies’ platform is the industry’s only AI-powered DSP to consolidate programmatic, direct, search, and social in one unified platform.


We are the industry’s largest independent digital agency with over 15+ years of experience.


Increase performance with artificial intelligence such as machine learning and algorithmic optimization, while building and optimizing cross-channel campaigns on-the-fly.


We provide an array of options for managed services, path to self-service, and self-service buying to meet your needs, wherever you are.

Display Advertising With Basis Technologies

Bring digital display advertising into your ad strategy seamlessly, with Basis Technologies. At Basis Technologies, we have the knowledge and experience of our Media Services Organization, backed by Basis—the industry’s most comprehensive and automated digital media platform. Whether utilizing our tech or services, you’re leveraging almost two decades worth of performance data and insights. Partner with Basis Technologies to gain the competitive edge you need today!

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