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Omnichannel Strategies that Drive Results

Digital advertisers need effective solutions and optimization strategies. Enter Basis Technologies’ media strategy and activation services.

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Media Strategy

Every business issue is unique, and solutions are not “one size fits all.” Our team of expert media specialists partner with you to develop forward-thinking, omnichannel solutions based on market intelligence, to develop audience insights, data requirements, and measurement plans. It's media strategy that moves your business forward.
Connect insights to omnichannel marketing strategies.

Omnichannel Planning

Programmatic, search, social, direct—let our specialists do the heavy lifting across all channels. Our proven performance-driven planning frameworks, paired with our cutting-edge technology, generates cohesive media activation that drives business results.
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Market & Consumer Research

Utilize a unique combination of Basis Technologies’ proprietary research tools and over $2MM-worth of syndicated research to define target audiences and build a more robust strategy.

Performance & Optimizations

Leverage Basis’ machine learning and our analysts’ expertise for measurement plans that maximize media investment to drive omnichannel growth. Every ad is skillfully implemented to track the metrics that matter.
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Creative Services

Partner with our creative team to visualize and construct digital campaign creative with existing assets. Our nimble in-house designers keep timelines moving forward and deliver desired results.

Billing & Reconciliation Management

Utilize Basis to consolidate all billing information across search, social, direct, connected TV, and programmatic. Eliminate the need to pull reporting from disparate platforms and manually reconcile contracted versus delivered media.
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Traditional Media Execution

Execute traditional media buying in the form of TV, print, radio, and out-of-home (OOH) advertising to complement digital initiatives and create a cohesive strategy across all desired markets.

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