Future in Focus: 2024 Digital Advertising Trends Report

Over the past few years, a slew of buzzy marketing trends has emerged—each promising to usher in an exciting new future for digital advertising, filled with transformation and untapped potential. 

Unfortunately, most of these so-called trends quickly fizzled out, leaving marketers disappointed and wondering how they can separate the true “trends” from what’s merely “trendy.”

So, how can advertisers tune out the noise and focus their attention on the most important, proven trends that are set to shape the year ahead? Find out in our 2024 digital advertising trends report.

2024 trends of note include: 

  • Inventory Housekeeping: Advertisers must reexamine their supply chains to better identify opportunities for improving and optimizing their programmatic advertising campaigns.
  • Seeking Attention: A new evolution in media metrics has shifted the focus from quantity of attention advertisers are garnering from their audiences to the quality of that attention.
  • The Election Impact: What should all advertisers—both political and non-political—be keeping an eye on as we enter the fourth major “digital” election cycle in the US?
  • Riding Hype Cycles: How can marketers better decipher between trends that actually demand immediate consideration vs. those they can casually observe?

Ready to discover the trends that will shape digital advertising in the year ahead? Download Future in Focus today!

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