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Mar 1 2023

The Digital Audio Advertising Guide: A Channel That Can’t Be Beat

Audio is everywhere—and the opportunities are seemingly endless. Read this guide to learn more about world of audio advertising and see why digital audio should be a larger part of your media conversation.
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Feb 23 2023

How Will AI Shape the Future of Digital Advertising?

AI is already proving to be a powerful disruptive force in the tech world. But how will it affect the digital advertising industry?
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Feb 15 2023

The Social Media Advertising Updates You Need to Know

We review the latest from the worlds of Meta, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube and consider what it means for advertisers.
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Jan 24 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Programmatic Guaranteed

What is programmatic guaranteed? How does it differ from other buying methods? And most importantly, what benefits does it offer? Find out here.
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Dec 5 2022

Digital Sea Change: Basis Technologies 2023 Trends Report

Discover the trends that will shape digital advertising in the year ahead.
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Latest Resources

3 Things Weezer Can Teach Us About Effective Media Strategy

What can we learn from rock band Weezer about successful media planning and performance? Ooh wee ooh, it looks just like media strategy!

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The Weird, Wonderful World of Geotargeting and Location Targeting

Learn how geo-based targeting strategies like location targeting, localized marketing, and geotargeting help advertisers reach audiences.

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3 Things Advertisers Need to Know About TikTok

How can marketers harness the power of TikTok in their campaigns? Here, we break down 3 things to know about advertising on the platform.

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Scout: How AI Will Change SEM, Advertising During Pride Month, and More

Advertising's carbon footprint, the influence of podcast hosts, and more feature in this week's digest of top digital marketing content.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Search Engine Marketing

Explore how AI may shape the future of search engine marketing, and what marketers can do now to prepare for those changes.

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Scout: AI Warnings, Upfronts Updates, and More in This Week’s Digest of Top Digital Marketing Content

Ad spend insights, search engine marketing strategies, and more feature in this week's digest of top digital marketing content.

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Diving into DOOH Advertising

Learn what digital and programmatic media buyers should know about digital out-of-home, from misconceptions to big opportunities.

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The Future of Search Engine Marketing: Our Experts Weigh In 

Three of our top search marketing experts share what paid search advertisers should know about the future of the space.

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Bailey Lauerman Partners With Basis Technologies to Elevate Digital Media Services

When Bailey Lauerman needed an adtech partner to help them stay ahead in the digital advertising landscape, they turned to Basis.

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