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Nov 1 2023

Video Unleashed: The Ultimate Guide to Digital Video Advertising

Discover all the ways you can leverage digital video to create customer journeys that engage and inspire with this comprehensive guide.
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Live sports fans watching the game and enjoying the ads
Oct 25 2023

Going Deep on Live Sports Advertising Opportunities

See how digital advertisers can effectively reach and connect with sports fans.
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Generative AI and the Future of Marketing report cover
Jul 27 2023

Generative AI and the Future of Marketing

See how generative AI is poised to shape the future of marketing and advertising in this comprehensive research report, featuring exclusive survey findings.
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Team of digital advertisers works together at a conference table
Oct 26 2023

The Future of Advertising Agencies: How Leaders Can Learn and Evolve

Five industry veterans share their insights on what agency leaders need to know about this moment, and how to lead towards positive change.
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business woman in spotlight
Oct 27 2023

Digital Advertising is Under the Spotlight. How Will the Industry React?

Lawsuits against Google and Amazon show that digital advertising can no longer live in the shadows, but must instead shine in the spotlight.
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Jun 13 2023

Beyond Third-Party Cookies: Your Guide to Privacy-Friendly Advertising

Third-party cookie deprecation is transforming the digital advertising industry. How can marketers embrace privacy-friendly tactics without sacrificing results? Find out in this guide.
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Holiday Advertising Checklist featured image
Jul 7 2023

The Digital Marketer's 2023 Holiday Advertising Checklist

Consider it our gift to you: this comprehensive checklist covers everything you need to know (and do!) to run successful holiday campaigns this year.
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The Power of Place: Your Guide to Digital Out-of-Home Advertising guide image
Jul 10 2023

The Power of Place: Your Guide to Digital Out-of-Home Advertising 

Explore how you can can make the most of the digital out-of-home advertising opportunity in this comprehensive guide.
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Latest Resources

2024 Trends for Travel and Tourism Marketers

Highlighting value, actioning first-party data, and leaning into new tech will make for winning travel and tourism campaigns in 2024.

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2024 Trends for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Marketers

Mixed-funnel media strategies, leveraging historical performance, and marketing to HCPs will be key to campaign success in 2024.

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2024 Trends for Retail & E-commerce Marketers

Consumer shopping behaviors will lead retail and e-commerce marketers to browse RMNs, AI, and shoppable video in 2024.

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2024 Trends for Restaurant & Dining Marketers

As dining habits evolve, restaurant and foodservice marketers should emphasize value, convenience, and experience.

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2024 Trends for Financial Services Marketers

Finserv marketers who navigate economic, consumer, and industry trends can stack up campaign success in 2024.

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2024 Trends for CPG Marketers

CPG marketers face falling consumer sentiments and high market saturation. Read on for key trends marketers can use to succeed in 2024.

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2024 Trends for Automotive Marketers

First-party data, automation, and artificial intelligence will be top of mind for future-forward auto marketers in 2024.

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2024 Trends for Political Advertisers

Landmark ad spend is projected for the 2024 election cycle. Here are the key trends political advertisers can use to make the most of it.

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2024 Trends for Cannabis Marketers

Here are three trends to help cannabis advertisers drive revenue while navigating the matrix of cannabis marketing regulations.

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