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report cover for identity vs. privacy: digital advertising in a cookieless world
Jan 24 2024

Identity vs. Privacy: Digital Advertising in a Cookieless World

See how advertisers are navigating third-party cookie deprecation, signal loss, and data privacy in this comprehensive report.
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A person in a crowded area full of too much signal
Feb 9 2024

How Advertisers are Adapting (or Not Adapting) to Signal Loss

A look at the most popular privacy-friendly advertising solutions among marketers today—and the challenges awaiting those who won't adapt to the cookieless future.
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Team of marketers working in an office
Apr 3 2024

How Advertisers Can Harness AI While Navigating its Risks

Here's how industry leaders can ensure their teams' forays into new AI-driven advertising tools are safeguarded against risk.
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The Addictive, Digital Way of Life

Emerging technologies are expanding and overflowing into our daily lives. Today, most people do not distinguish between online display, video, mobile, internet radio, and digital-out-of-home channels. Instead, these emerging channels are automatically integrated into everyday routines, often simultaneously, to create an addictive, digital way of life. Mobile, video, and internet radio channels are just a few of the emerging technologies that are exploding in adoption and advertising growth.

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Quality Sites & Environments for Premium Advertisers

Great read by Mike Shields: Making the Wrong Impression - How sites with dubious content are attracting ads from blue-chip brands
Obviously, great writing like this has many low quality players scared based on the comments received. Mike Shields is shedding light on things a lot of companies, many of the brand name ad tech companies, don’t want people to know. But, that’s why journalism exists. And that’s why high-quality, journalistic-based media companies deserve better than how the current SSP/DSP market is treating them.

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A New Wave of Motion Control Technology

An unfortunate or fortunate side-effect of a digital media job is the frequency in which a conversation leans toward Steven Spielberg’s box office hit, Minority Report. Whether it’s discussing retinal scans, interactive monitors, or dynamic personalization of advertising, the movie has everything, including a side order of Tom Cruise crazy.

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Multi-Channel Touch-Points, Welcome Invite to Mobile Ads

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. According to a recent study, marketers, agencies, and publishers may recognize that a seamless experience across channels is important for consumers, but they are not yet following their targets down that path. By shifting to a more holistic approach along with more inter-departmental integration, marketers can benefit from stronger branding experiences.

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What Media Shifts in Next 5 Years Mean for Newspapers

By 2017, there will be no printed metro newspapers, no local network TV stations, and few printed magazines. Weekly newspapers and video will be thriving. Tablets will be common and cheap. WiFi and WiMax will be everywhere. What do these and other predictions mean for the newspaper industry?

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Centro Teams With Krux to Protect Publisher Data

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Centro Throws Down Gauntlet to Ad Exchange Arbitrager

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Ad Exchange Arbitragers, Internet Radio and Banner Ads

Publishers are currently facing challenges with the current ad exchange ecosystem, primarily due to data leakage. We recently shared our thoughts on how to alleviate this uncertainty by protecting publisher audience data, which can sometimes be bought and sold by exchanges without publisher consent.

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12 Chicago Companies Make ICIC's List of 100 Fastest-Growing Urban Businesses in America

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