Oct 15 2012
Shawn Riegsecker

Politics is Driving Need for Publishers to Build Around-the-Clock Ad Operations


(The-MakeGood.com) - The 2008 election ushered in an era of internet-based voter engagement, but that was about a million years ago in terms of how quickly the web has come to dominate nearly every aspect of campaign strategy, voter opinion gathering and messaging machinery.

Today, if marketers, publishers and brands want to profit from what’s already been hailed as America’s first truly digital presidential election, then we too have to be prepared to service the 24/7 candidate and political party campaigns that want to turn on a dime their estimated $9.8 billion for targeted advertising to support the 2012 campaign.

At Centro, the largest digital media logistics provider for federal and state political candidates and causes, we know that during what is anticipated to be the most expensive campaign season in United States history, political clients will be searching for publishing partners they can trust to get time-sensitive messaging into the marketplace on very short notice. This means the digital publishing industry needs to improve operations if it wants the trickle of political dollars to turn into a flood.

Recently, we submitted a hard-hitting piece of political creative to a well-known news website. Three days in advance of the start date, the site accidentally ran the creative live carrying with it competitive ramifications. The mistake was caught around 8 p.m., but though Centro started scrambling that minute, we couldn’t get a hold of any of the sales or ad operations representatives at the publisher. After emailing every contact and calling every number we could think of, we finally got a hold of someone at the site’s newsroom at 1 a.m. and at 1:30 a.m. the ad was removed – after running for more than five hours.

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