Oct 19 2012
Basis Team

Newsweek, Tablet Ads and Internet Ad Spend

  • With the rise of digital media, print days are numbered. After nearly 80 years, Newsweek has decided to end their print edition on Dec 31. “Editor Tina Brown and President Baba Shetty announced today that starting in 2013 there will be no print Newsweek, just a global digital edition, Newsweek Global, that will publish to the web, e-readers, tablets and other devices. Eliminating the print edition will mean substantial savings for Newsweek, which was reportedly losing $20 million a year, as well as staff cuts.”  Read More: Newsweek to End Print Edition in Quest to Cut Losses
  • By 2015, more than half of U.S. internet users will us a tablet, according to eMarketer. The rapid growth of the tablet media audience delivers a wealth of opportunity for advertisers. Even better, these seized opportunities are proving to be quite successful based on numerous studies focused on CTR, brand awareness, etc. Despite the success, some marketers remain hesitant to go all in, as they wait for the number of tablet users to go up and the cost of tablet ad development and buys to go down. Read More: Tablet Ads Deliver Results, but Barriers Remain
  • Advertising is on the rise around the globe and across nearly all media types, according to Nielsen’s Global AdView Pulse report. Gains in areas such as Internet (+7.2%), radio (+6.6%), and TV (+3.1%) offset the 1.3% decline in magazine spending in the first half of 2012, leading overall advertising investment to be up 2.7%. This is further confirmation that digital media is becoming a priority. Read More: Worldwide, Internet Ad Spend Grows More than Other Media in First Half of 2012