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Nov 1 2023

Video Unleashed: The Ultimate Guide to Digital Video Advertising

Discover all the ways you can leverage digital video to create customer journeys that engage and inspire with this comprehensive guide.
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Live sports fans watching the game and enjoying the ads
Oct 25 2023

Going Deep on Live Sports Advertising Opportunities

See how digital advertisers can effectively reach and connect with sports fans.
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Generative AI and the Future of Marketing report cover
Jul 27 2023

Generative AI and the Future of Marketing

See how generative AI is poised to shape the future of marketing and advertising in this comprehensive research report, featuring exclusive survey findings.
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Team of digital advertisers works together at a conference table
Oct 26 2023

The Future of Advertising Agencies: How Leaders Can Learn and Evolve

Five industry veterans share their insights on what agency leaders need to know about this moment, and how to lead towards positive change.
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business woman in spotlight
Oct 27 2023

Digital Advertising is Under the Spotlight. How Will the Industry React?

Lawsuits against Google and Amazon show that digital advertising can no longer live in the shadows, but must instead shine in the spotlight.
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Jun 13 2023

Beyond Third-Party Cookies: Your Guide to Privacy-Friendly Advertising

Third-party cookie deprecation is transforming the digital advertising industry. How can marketers embrace privacy-friendly tactics without sacrificing results? Find out in this guide.
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Holiday Advertising Checklist featured image
Jul 7 2023

The Digital Marketer's 2023 Holiday Advertising Checklist

Consider it our gift to you: this comprehensive checklist covers everything you need to know (and do!) to run successful holiday campaigns this year.
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The Power of Place: Your Guide to Digital Out-of-Home Advertising guide image
Jul 10 2023

The Power of Place: Your Guide to Digital Out-of-Home Advertising 

Explore how you can can make the most of the digital out-of-home advertising opportunity in this comprehensive guide.
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Latest Resources

Impact of the Digital Explosion and Life of a Media Planner

What do digital media planners do? Are they immersed in building creative and strategic approaches? Are they media ninjas focused on hitting an exact target for advertiser success? Where do they spend most of their time? One word: spreadsheets. The comical, yet sadly true snapshot below brings this reality to life.

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Future of Media, Digital Mistakes and Outsourcing

What is the future of media? “We are witnessing a transformational moment in our industry. We are at the beginning stages where an industry lets go of broken and outdated business models (and processes) in order to be young again and creative about new models and new types of relationships,” as Shawn Riegsecker, CEO of Centro, stated in a recent interview with The Makegood.

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Shawn Riegsecker's Centro Builds an Open Workflow Platform for Agencies

Read the Entire Story on TheMakeGood

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Gain/Strain, Innovation Obstacles & Online Ad Spending

More Gain, Less Strain. This is a reoccurring theme for the client/agency relationship as emphasized in a recent CMO Council study. Top “strains” include limited knowledge of business and digital landscape, agreed upon performance metrics, integration of marketing plans/services, lack of value add strategic thinking and budget/pricing issues.

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US Online Ad Spend and the Cross Platform Bump

According to eMarketer, U.S. online spending will grow 23.3% to $39.5 billion in 2012. Additionally, it will exceed total spend for print magazines and newspapers for the first time. Meanwhile, TV ad spending is expected to grow, albeit at a slower pace, alongside online growth.

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Brand Storytelling At Its Finest

ADOTAS – What makes a brand stand out? What makes a brand resonate with consumers? What makes a brand evoke an emotional connection that is so powerful, it turns consumers into brand ambassadors? It’s when a brand can tell an incredibly influential yet simple story that touches a consumer on a personal level.

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The Download on Applications: Consumer App’lash?

How many applications are on your phone? Maybe 25? How many of them you use each day? Maybe 5? Most applications are either deleted or remain unused after a few months. Flurry Analytics showed applications only have a 5% retention rate after 6 months. Another report from localytics showed that 26% of users who download an application use it once and never use it again. Most want their applications to be “sticky”, but to effectively do this, applications need to provide a consumer benefit, be refreshed and a have a consistent advertising presence to ensure success.

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The Download on Applications: Application Adoption

High adoption rates (85% of iPhone owners have downloaded an app, 84% of Android users) show us that mobile applications definitely meet a specific consumer need. People love their apps!

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Paid, Owned and Earned Media, Agency Obstacles

The digital landscape is increasingly more complex, which makes it even more important to focus on building strategic, integrated plans that leverage paid media to enhance owned media and elevate earned media. Below is a great article that effectively speaks to focusing on this multi-channel approach vs. focusing on individual devices and channels alone. Along with this integrated approach, effective branding is imperative; it’s the glue that ties it all together. Read More: Balancing Paid, Owned and Earned Media a Must for Multichannel Market

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