Nov 19 2012
Basis Team

Delivering Effective Digital Ad for Media-Inclined Client


( - Robert Vorel is president of Crest Communications Inc, a full service Branding/Promotional Ad Agency. It provides market positioning implementation utilizing newly defined “real-time marketing” approaches. 

For many brands and agencies that have long favored such traditional media as print newspapers, radio and television to carry their advertising messages, navigating the complexity of advertising in the fragmented digital landscape is a daunting proposition.

But these advertising agencies and brands are recognizing they can reach new customer bases, especially young consumers, through digital media – from Facebook, Twitter and to local online sites that attract a younger audience. That’s why more and more brands are asking their advertising agencies to help them embrace digital media in order to reach their specific target consumer.

To become more efficient at navigating this digital space, and build even stronger plans, ad agencies are increasingly seeking out talented third-parties that can help them deliver bottom-line success. They’re linking with media buying firms that can offer teams of specialists whose expertise lie within knowing what specific new media can best serve a client in the digital media space.

Illustrating this growing trend is Old Second Bank, a community bank based in Aurora, Ill., and our Chicago-based advertising agency, Crest Communications Inc.

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