Nov 14 2012
Basis Team

Multi-tasking While on the Prowl for Holiday Deals?


It’s already November and before we know it we will be ringing in the New Year. Between now and the end of December, shopping becomes most people’s hobby and habit. In the digital media world, we speak frequently about the successes of targeting shoppers on their mobile phones, but there might be another opportunity we are missing out on.

recent study conducted on behalf of TargetSpot, the digital audio network, found that consumers listening to internet radio are multitasking. They found that 57% of listeners buy products online while listening and 56% research future purchases.

Targeting streaming audio listeners that are shopping allows ads to be present at the point of purchase. It’s something a little out of the box for most retailers, but if the opportunity to target is there, why not take it? Especially when the largest retail push of the year is upon us.

Have you ever listened to internet radio while you shopped – either on-line or in the store? Tell us about whether it influenced your purchases, in the comments section below.