Nov 16 2012
Basis Team

National Brands, Mobile Web Connections & Cross-Platforms

  • According to a recent study, nearly half (47.3%) of brands said they plan to invest more in local marketing for 2013 than they did in 2012, and much of that investment will go into mobile local marketing. These results as well as other recent studies show the growing importance of local marketing for national brands. Read More: Over 47% of National Brands Look to Increase Investment in Local Marketing for 2013
  • Half of Americans have mobile connections to the Web through either a smartphone or tablet, according to Pew Research. Nearly a quarter of U.S. adults (22%) now own a tablet device – double the number from a year earlier, while (44%) of U.S. adults have smartphones, up from 35% in May 2011. With this increased usage, marketers should not overlook the opportunity to increase their digital presence. Read More: 50% – Number of Americans with Mobile Connections to the Web on the Rise
  • Nielsen released its new Cross Platform Report yesterday, which reveals that simultaneous usage continues to grow. According to the report, close to 40% of Americans now use their tablets or smartphones while watching TV at least once a day, and twice as many do it at least once a month. “Modernity, in its new form, enables myriad content access points. It’s a fact of which Americans are taking full advantage. These devices are omnipresent, and not just among the youth.”  Read More: The Cross-Platform Report: A New Connected Community