Oct 12 2012
Basis Team

Ad Effectiveness, Digital First and Mobile Ad Engagement

  • What makes an ad effective? Nielsen lists the top five characteristics of ads that exhibit strong brand linkage among consumers, including brand cues early and often (visual and verbal), leveraging the brand icon, integrating the brand in a storyline, establishing ownable creative concepts, and using messaging as a brand cue. An ongoing campaign theme is also a proven successful tool in establishing memorable brand identity. Lastly, targeting a brand’s most profitable consumer with quality placements and optimal reach and frequency levels is key. Read More: Effective Ads Marry Message with Impact
  • An interesting article on gigaom speaks to the importance of digital media and how those who are not embracing it are at risk for survival. There are still many companies who are clinging to traditional media only, which is causing them to lag behind and pay the price for not embracing technology and changing consumer behavior. Overlooking digital media is not an option. Read More: Digital First Isn’t an Option for Media – it’s the Only Way Forward
  • Rich media mobile ads are delivering an engagement rate of 12.8%, on average, across all devices, platforms and ad placements, according to a new report from Celtra. The report found that a well-designed rich media experience that uses a store locator, games, or social media can have a positive impact on consumer engagement and return on investment. “The big news here is that mobile rich media ads work!” - Matevž Klanjšek, chief product officer of CeltraRead More: Rich media ads deliver engagement rate of 12.8%: report