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Mar 21 2023

Programmatic Advertising 101: What Is Behavioral Targeting?

Understand how behavioral targeting works, what benefits it offers, and what it might look like in a future without third-party cookies.
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In-Housing Resources

Basis Delivers 48% ROI for Brand Marketers

The agility, automation, and data transparency offered by Basis adds up to major cost saving for marketers. The digital media ...

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The Total Economic Impact™ of In-Housing with Basis

Basis Technologies commissioned Forrester Consulting to do a study on the impact Basis has on customers who in-house with us. Learn more.

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CBDeebly is Pioneering CBD Marketing, Powered by Basis

Explore how Basis Technologies' automated digital media management platform empowered CBDeebly to meet and exceed CPA, AOV, and ROI goals.

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How Basis Helped Fathom Retain and Grow Digital Business

Read how Fathom leveraged Basis Technologies' DSP to unite automation with holistic media management and drive real impact for their clients.

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Flexible Solutions Help Monster Stay at the Top of their Game

Global online employment solution Monster had worked with a litany of prohibitive DSP partners—until they found Basis.

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Why St. Elizabeth Healthcare Loves the Basis Technologies Customer Experience

Learn how St. Elizabeth Healthcare leveraged Basis Technologies' omni-channel DSP to drive breakthrough digital media performance.

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Verdin Marketing Leverages Basis to Increase their Clients' CTRs and Website Traffic

A story of how Verdin Marketing partnered with Basis Technologies to increase CTR by 23% and site traffic by 140% for their largest client.

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The Programmatic Readiness Guide

How do you know which programmatic buying option is right for your team and business? Read our Programmatic Readiness Guide to help you find out.

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Is It Time To Bring Programmatic In-House?

Centro's EVP of Media Services and Operations shares how advertisers can approach in-housing, as well as how to best prepare beforehand.

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