Feb 2021
Basis Technologies

Verdin Marketing Leverages Basis to Increase their Clients' CTRs and Website Traffic

The Challenge

When Verdin Marketing signed on to Basis in 2019, they were hoping for three business-level benefits:​

  • Successfully bring programmatic in house and increase control​
  • Improve operational efficiency and do more with the same resources​
  • Position Verdin as innovative and progressive to retain clients and win new business

The Solution

On-board Basis and take advantage of workflow tools, the built-in DSP, and access to emerging digital media vehicles.

The Outcomes

Their Clients Stay on the Cutting Edge

Basis enables Verdin Marketing to stay on the cutting edge of media through education and access.​

Education: The Basis Technologies Media Innovations Team keeps the buyers up-to-date on new media types, landscape shifts, and emerging media. ​

Access: The Verdin buyers can now access innovative inventory and media types such as CTV on Roku, Audio on Spotify, and native ad units.

Basis Unlocks PMPs for Verdin's Clients

Verdin’s clients have access to Basis’s portfolio of over 1200 evergreen PMPs. These private marketplace deals unlock premium inventory and targeting.

Verdin Can Do More With the Same Budget

For Verdin, using Basis isn’t about saving hours—it’s about bringing more value to their clients with the same budgets. Basis gives Verdin the tools and options needed to make those budgets work harder.​

Since launch, Basis put powerful tools in the hands of the Verdin Marketing team. The team makes quick, hands-on optimizations in the DSP, regularly tests new partners and audiences, and quickly pulls granular reporting. ​

The team also now has access to many more media options for their clients—interesting audiences, direct opportunities, social channels—and the reporting to prove success, all without spending more money.

Verdin has Upsell Opportunities

With Basis, Verdin has first-party proof points about the effectiveness of digital media allowing them to shift budget to digital and capture more revenue.​

Using the Basis Universal Pixel, Verdin is also building proprietary audiences to share between non-competitive clients.

Control and Options Leads to Improved Performance

With the additional control and media opportunities Basis provides, Verdin was able to increase CTR for their largest client by 23% and provide a 140% increase in site traffic without increase budgets.

The Results

  • 3 new business wins
  • 3x spend expectations


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