Why St. Elizabeth Healthcare Loves the Basis Technologies Customer Experience

Meet St. Elizabeth Healthcare​

St. Elizabeth Healthcare is one of the most respected medical providers in the Greater Cincinnati region. For more than 150 years, St. Elizabeth has been the heart and soul of healthcare in Northern Kentucky. They provide comprehensive and compassionate care that improves the health of the people they serve.

The Impact of Basis:

Comprehensive Training and On-boarding

Basis Technologies provides thorough training to all new platform users. Once a contract is signed, the customer receives customized training and set-up advice. ​

​In addition to on-boarding new accounts, Basis Technologies also helps new hires get up to speed with additional training. Nathan Engels, Digital Communications Manager at St. Elizabeth remarked, “We had a team member relatively new to the DSP scene and she was fully up and running in two to four weeks, maybe less than that.”

World-Class Service and Support

St. Elizabeth raves about the service and support they receive from their dedicated Basis Customer Success Manager. ​

​There are many reasons why the Basis Technologies customer service is world-class, but here are a handful of St. Elizabeth’s favorites:​

  • Fast responses​
  • Thorough explanations​
  • Above-and-beyond attitude​
  • Willingness to step in when necessary​
  • Teaching mentality​
  • Media knowledge and solutions

Ongoing Education with Basis Certified

Basis Technologies offers Basis Certified courses for digital practitioners looking to gain a competitive edge. Attendees engage with SMEs, have group discussions, and complete relevant coursework. In 2019, St. Elizabeth sent multiple team members to get Certified in both Foundations and Advanced Strategies. ​

St. Elizabeth’s Digital Communications Manager, Nathan Engels shared, “Basis Certified is one of the best trainings and conferences I’ve been to in the last two to three years. There were more Basis people in the room than clients, ready to help. Basis is committed to the education and the use of the platform, which is why we're so satisfied and happy with our choice selecting Basis.”​


Nathan Engels, Digital Communications Manager, St. Elizabeth Healthcare:

"They are teaching you to fish instead of fishing for you. I joke that self-service feels almost like it's managed service because of the level of attention. If you need a question answered, your CSM is on it."

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