May 2021
Basis Technologies

CBDeebly is Pioneering CBD Marketing, Powered by Basis

Meet CBDeebly

CBDeebly, a division of CleverFunnel, propels CBD brands into using vertical expertise, CBD-specific advertising tactics, and risk-free data-driven strategies. They pioneered the PDM framework which uses a brand’s data to build audience personas, understand the drivers that resonate, and craft effective messages.

The Impact of Basis

CBDeebly brings a fresh, data-driven perspective to CBD marketing. CEO Chris Franks finds significant value in data for targeting, but pontificates about the impact of analytics on the budding CBD industry at a macro level. Here is how CBDeebly uses data in unexpected ways: ​

Target Media

Basis offers a myriad of CBD-friendly targeting options for CBDeebly to go beyond the expected and find niche audiences for their myriad clients.

Optimize Marketing

Analytics enables CBDeebly to drive digital marketing optimizations to meet and exceed media KPIs like CPA, AOV, and ROI.

Shape Businesses

CBDeebly blends data from Basis and other sources to identify clusters and guide their clients’ business, surfacing new targets, surprising use cases, and product innovations.

Remarkable Service and a True Partnership

CBD advertising is highly regulated and constantly changing, but there is significant opportunity in the confusion. Basis’ world-class Success Managers are true partners to CBDeebly, bringing Basis expertise to CBDeebly’s strategic vision.

“Hands-on, strategic, and technically capable. It’s rare to find someone who can answer issues both technically and strategically.  Our Customer Success Manager can answer most questions without running to a technical team and I learn something new every time we speak.  Luke Rothschild, Ad Scientist at CleverFunnel​

Chris Franks, CEO of CleverFunnel adds, “We’re trying to do advanced, technical things. We’re not standard. We do things differently and our account team is not only supportive, but they also contribute. We see them as partners, which is really high praise in our world.”​


Chris Franks, CEO, CleverFunnel and CBDeebly

"The blend of advanced tech and remarkable support has been a huge success in the CBD world. ​Basis, our account team, and our ​PDM framework has led us to a 198% ROAS for one of our clients.​"


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