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Dec 5 2022

2023 Trends for Education Marketers

From TikTok to geo-fencing to programmatic, we explore the best channels and tactics for higher ed marketers in the year ahead.
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Programmatic Resources

Digital Display Advertising: Demand-Side Platforms, Continuously Fueling your Plan - Part 3 of 3

When it comes to navigating the digital media ecosystem, you don’t have to do it all alone. There are highly ...

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Digital Display Advertising: Ad Exchanges & Ad Networks, Building a Well Balanced Approach - Part 2 of 3

Building a digital media campaign today is increasingly complex. With so many digital advertising buying methods and an abundance of ...

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The Digital Zeitgeist Programmatic Playbook

What is the RTB Zeitgeist Playbook? We’re glad you asked. This ebook is a compilation of the most popular RTB Zeitgeist Newsletter articles ...

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RTB Zeitgeist: Study Says Programmatic Major Time-Saver

Republished from the SiteScout blog. People aren’t worried about being replaced by robots, and instead see tech as a time-saver. ...

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Digital Display Advertising: How to Build a Healthy Plan - Part 1 of 3

Remember the good old days when media plans boiled down to a few simple options: print, direct mail, and maybe ...

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#CentroInAction: Stockpiling Acquisition

Have you ever executed a campaign that generated brand awareness, but never business results? Recently, Centro met a company that ...

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The Age of Programmatic is Now: Centro and Forrester Weigh In

Exchange-traded spending will account for a nearly 1/3 of U.S. display spend by 2017, according to research from industry analyst ...

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RTB Zeitgeist: How Brands Measure in a Programmatic World

Republished from the SiteScout Blog.  Measurement matters in a programmatic buying environment. You can’t just import traditional measurement methods, though. ...

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The Future of Digital Media Buying: Centro & Forrester Research Sound Off

Digitization has profoundly changed the way customers interact with technology and brands. Forrester Research, Inc. talked about this in 'The ...

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