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Masked Pro Wrestler in a Suit For His Day Job
Nov 9 2022

Four Pro Wrestlers Whose Day Jobs Needed Digital Advertising

A dentist, a plumber, and a teacher walk into a…pro wrestling ring? These digital ad strategies may have helped them succeed outside the ropes.
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Publishers Participating in Exchanges Should Look Closely… There Might Be Hidden Treasure

The effect of real-time bidding (RTB) on publishers has been well documented. Such insights have often focused on the challenges RTB poses for publishers, including how it negatively impacts their direct advertising revenue and relationships.

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Centro Welcomes SiteScout to Our Family

Centro announced the acquisition of SiteScout, a leading self-serve, RTB platform based in Toronto, Canada. I started the company 12 years ago with the goal of automating site-direct media buys, and streamlining the tedious and manual processes that plague both agencies and ad sellers. For Centro to realize its vision – which is to address the entire spectrum of digital – we knew that adding RTB capabilities was necessary. After a thorough evaluation of players in the market, our choice was clear. I’m thrilled to welcome SiteScout to the Centro family.

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Brands Deserve Better Than Paying for Horrific Content

Brand managers, it’s 10 PM. Do you know where your ads are running? For many, the answer isn’t pretty. Last week, Digiday posted an article highlighting just how sloppy some of the biggest online ad networks and exchanges have become. The article points to large brands such as Nissan, Sherwin-Williams, Wolverine Shoes and Polaris finding their digital ads running alongside some of the most horrific content imaginable.

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Reasons for Rise in CPM Prices - Interview with Scott Neslund

Analyst firm eMarketer recently interviewed Centro’s EVP of media services, Scott Neslund. Log on to (subscription required) and download the full report, “Reasons for the Rise in CPM Prices.”

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Centro Expands Locally Focused 'Brand Exchange' To Mobile, Tablet Inventory

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To Spend or Not to Spend on RTB, That is the Question

Many analyst firms estimate that Real-Time Bidding (RTB – the ad buying process where bids are placed on impressions in the milliseconds before an ad space loads) will represent 20% of all digital display ad spend by the end of this year.

For media planners and buyers, this method of running campaigns is getting more and more interest as clients continue to ask about it and look for greater precision and efficiencies in their media buys. It behooves us to evaluate how well it drives the advertiser’s objectives. So, how much should we spend on RTB when planning a campaign?

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On the Programmatic Road to the New Premium, Part 1: The Efficiency Imperative

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The ETA on RTB and Mobile

What’s the big deal with RTB and mobile these days? It’s a good time to get familiar since many major players in the mobile advertising space see it being the next big thing for 2013. A common analogy used to describe the RTB process is the stock exchange; all Interested advertising parties simultaneously bid for a mobile placement with the set of qualifiers desired by an advertiser.

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Charting the Path to Direct Sold RTB Advertising

In case you missed it, here’s a great article by Tom Chavez, CEO of Krux and a strategic partner of Centro’s. In this recent column, “Charting the Path to Direct Sold RTB Advertising,” Tom delves into the perils of a type of data leakage he calls “cookie licking” and talks about how savvy marketers and publishers seek to build programmatic revenue without sacrificing control of their precious data.

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